„E-COOPERATION - INNOVATIVE CLUSTERS“ Polish-Lithuanian economic subjects platform, database.
Support contract No. SPF/PL/2009/13/1.2


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The Platform is a system unifying groups of interest for the development of cluster initiatives in the Polish - Lithuanian borderland, is a tool for the development of competitiveness in the sector of metalworking and woodworking, services and technologies.

PLATFORMA „E – COOPERATION” as a comprehensive system, uniting the domains of cluster initiatives:
- metalworking www.cpp.bialystok.pl/klaster and www.metalkaster.pl (Poland) and
- woodworking www.medienospartneriai.lt (Lithuania)
will be adapted and extended to the needs and characteristics of Polish and Lithuanian market, enterprise and competitiveness development through the creation of cluster initiatives and their internationalization.

In subsequent phases to the platform will be included other initiatives and activities in the area of clustering on the borderland of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

To join to the initiative we inviting research institutions, universities and companies from all over Lithuania, Poland.

To implementation and development functioning of the platform between organizations Center of Podlasie Promotion (CPP) and Alytus Business Advisory Center (Alytus BAC) will be concluded long-term cooperation agreement "E-PLATFORM FOR COOPERATION 2010-2013".

To familiarize with cross-border cooperation initiatives undertaken in the field of clustering, please select your country from the interactive map.

Woodworking cluster


To strengthen the existing and to establish the new partnership ties among the woodworking enterprises, educational institutions and business support and employment organizations creating opportunities for development of the regional woodworking cluster.

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Metalworking Cluster


To unite the Lithuanian and Polish enterprises operating in the border region sectors, to strengthen the ties among the economic entities active in the field of metalworking by reviving the connections between the companies from Palenkė metalworking cluster and the Lithuanian metalworking companies.

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Alytus Business Advisory Centre


The mission of the Centre is to promote and develop the small and medium-sized businesses through organization of business training, consulting and information sharing, the launch and implementation of new initiatives for business development and the development of cooperation networks in Alytus Region.

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Podlaskie Region Promotion Centre


The Centre has accumulated a wide experience in administration of projects executed jointly with partners on both sides of a border. Palenkė Region Promotion Centre fulfils a function of the project coordinator.

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Svetainė sukurta įgyvendinant Europos teritorinio bendradarbiavimo tikslo Lietuvos ir Lenkijos bendradarbiavimo per sieną programą Lietuva-Polska 2007-2013, Smulkiųjų projektų fondo projektą „E-KOOPERACIJA - INOVACINIAI KLASTERIAI“,
paramos sutartis Nr. SPF/PL/2009/13/1.2, dalinai finansuojant Europos Sąjungai.